Hey! My name is Vanessa and i’m the person behind varadise magazine. This platform is my virtual fashion, lifestyle and travel diary and i’m happy to have you here to join my adventures.


I was born in 1993 in Munich and at the moment i’m living in my hometown again. In between i studied fashion management in Munich and Berlin (i lived there for 2 years), lived in London for 3 months and worked and lived in Sydney (Australia) for 7 months. I love to travel and experience other cultures and people. Not only to see beautiful things – in my opinion traveling is much more. You gain experience of life, gain self-confidence and learn how different and similar opinions, ideas and  life situations can be.

With engagement, creativity, flexibility and courage everybody can reach their goals  – so one of my mottos in life is: „We should not just talk, but act.“

That’s why we get startet now!

If you have any questions – i’m happy to answer them.

xx Varadise