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I thought i will start a weekly sunday post – where i will share some photos of the week with you and write about the plans for the following week and about what is rumoring in my mind. I hope you like it – we will see.



At the moment i’m visiting a friend in Düsseldorf and for sure i will celebrate a little karneval. I have never been there before so i’m really excited – i like to dress up and masquerade but in Munich the people are not very into it. In Düsseldorf and in Köln it should be completly different and literally everybody in the city is wearing a costume. I will definitely share my thoughts and some pictures about the Karneval with you. There is also some special beer which is called „Altbier“. I have never tried it before – so let’s taste it. My friend already planed a small pubcrawl with me. I really love beer but if this beer can taste as good as our Munich „Helles“?


On Tuesday i will travel back to Munich and from Wednesday to Friday i will participating in a seminar about Online Texting. In my opinion from time to time everybody should do some courses to refresh their knowledge and learn some new stuff. I’m really looking forward to get some new informations. You can always improve yourself and there is always somebody who is better than you in an area of expertise. In times like this where everything is changing so fast – you can’t know everything. There are constantly new features, versions, trends and knowledge. So from time to time it may be better to learn something new and do some workshops.



Unfortunately every brand has to change a lot and modify themselfes. Everyone has to swim with the tide on their own way. You can’t do what you have done before but you also can’t just follow the trends – that’s boaring. Our world is very fast moving and everybody hast o find his place.


Or what do you mean? 😛

xx varadise

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