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sunday #1

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I thought i will start a weekly sunday post – where i will share some photos of the week with you and write about the plans for the following week and about what is rumoring in my mind. I hope you like it – we will see.



At the moment i’m visiting a friend in Düsseldorf and for sure i will celebrate a little karneval. I have never been there before so i’m really excited – i like to dress up and masquerade but in Munich the people are not very into it. In Düsseldorf and in Köln it should be completly different and literally everybody in the city is wearing a costume. I will definitely share my thoughts and some pictures about the Karneval with you. There is also some special beer which is called „Altbier“. I have never tried it before – so let’s taste it. My friend already planed a small pubcrawl with me. I really love beer but if this beer can taste as good as our Munich „Helles“?


On Tuesday i will travel back to Munich and from Wednesday to Friday i will participating in a seminar about Online Texting. In my opinion from time to time everybody should do some courses to refresh their knowledge and learn some new stuff. I’m really looking forward to get some new informations. You can always improve yourself and there is always somebody who is better than you in an area of expertise. In times like this where everything is changing so fast – you can’t know everything. There are constantly new features, versions, trends and knowledge. So from time to time it may be better to learn something new and do some workshops.



Unfortunately every brand has to change a lot and modify themselfes. Everyone has to swim with the tide on their own way. You can’t do what you have done before but you also can’t just follow the trends – that’s boaring. Our world is very fast moving and everybody hast o find his place.


Or what do you mean? 😛

xx varadise

A love letter to the ocean

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The ocean – a place i can only try to find words for. It’s more than beautiful in my eyes.


A place where i can break free and get clear thoughts by only sitting there, listen to the sea and feel the breeze.


The color of the water ist changing constantly and creates the most beautiful blues. From dark and threatening to turquoise and happy – the ocean can definately have every emotion.


The mood swing of the waves from calm to boisterous show you to let loose and enjoy the freedom.

The music of the waves talk to your sould and unchain you.

The sun reflects in the ocean and the picture is perfect.


But the ocean with it’s seemingly endless widths is not only something beautiful it can also be something mystique and threatening. It can be dangerouse with it’s waves, foam and uncontrollable currents. But it attracts me again and again.


The longing for the ocean is getting bigger every day ,till i finally can smell the salty air and listen to the sound of the waves again.


Nothing else has this huge attraction to me than the ocean. I wanted to share this poem with you – i think it fits perfectly into this loveletter.


for her

the ocean

was more

than a dream,

it was a place

she needed to visit

to find herself.

and when she returned

to the city,

you could see the sun

in her eyes, the wind

in her hair, and taste

the infinite salt

on her lips.

— jose chaves



Do you feel the same? Let me know!! 🙂



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Reebok is presenting a sneaker duo  which is only for women in it’s new A/W collection. The collection is named after their inspiration: Pearls.


The classic leather reeboks have been pimped with pearly gloss.  This is an amazing accessory for the dull autumn. Bring some shine and glamour in your everyday life. You can decide between two different colors: „White“ and „Rose Gold“.


HyperFocal: 0
They release on september 15th and you can buy those shoes at some selected stores and on  reebok online.

xx varadise

Alexander Wang x adidas collection

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Two days ago was the alexander wang spring 2017 show in New York City where the collaboration between adidas and Alexander Wang was finally made official. This collaboration was part of the designers show and it startet with a mystic short video. Afterwards there was a group of models wearing the new clothes and running down the runway. Watch the video to understand why this is very mystic and doesn’t make a lot of sense till you finished my post. 🙂

So – what’s this video about? A group of people wearing the new collection from alexander wang x adidas and putting some stuff in a truck in the middle of the night. It looks like a cloak-and-dagger operation.

But now the clue of this story – all of the pieces are available in spring 2017 in every adidas store for sure. BUT if you wanted to have those pieces earlier – there was a chance yesterday. Only for every New Yorker or New York visitor like me because you could buy the capsule collection exclusive out of a truck. There were three different meeting points:

Canal Street & Mercer – 12pm
5th Ave & 57th Street – 3pm
McCarren Park at Bedford & N 12th – 6pm

I’ve been there to check that out. It was amazing how many people came and have been informed about it. Some impressions…
wang1 wang2 wang3
I’m so sad because i really wanted to buy those amazing sneaker but i didn’t had the time for queuing. Another thing  i have to do – can’t wait for spring 2017 .
wang12wang6 wang8 wang9 wang10 wang11

The collection includes pants, t-shirts, hoodies, longsleeves and sneaker. If you are interested in watching the whole Alexander Wang runway show for spring 17 you can find it underneath.




Anine Bing Store Opening

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Today i had this amazing email in my inbox. I was so happy about it. So i really need to tell you more. One of my favorite designers Anine Bing is opening a flagship store in Berlin. Do you know the label Anine Bing? If not – you need to learn some things about her asap. She is designing everything from shoes, underwear, clothes to bags. So everything a woman needs in her life.


Anine Bing is a danish designer who launched her label in june 2012. Since then she has great success all over the globe. But i already told you – she is designing fabulous stuff – so sure she has success.


She is manufacturing her products in the US and Europe to ensure a high quality. Also is she using high quality fabrics.


Another very interesting aspect is that the label is trans-seasonal. This means you don’t have to wait till the next season to buy some more clothes for your wardrobe. New items are constantly added to the collection. Please check out the Anine Bing Onlineshop.


But for everybody who lives in Berlin or is visiting Berlin – please check out the beautiful flagship store which is located in the Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 9, 10178 Berlin. It’s opening date is on september  14th 2016 – so please go there!!

xx varadise042_W24A1264

Photocredit: Trever Hoehne


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Hi guys,

i’m really sorry for not writing anything the last few weeks.

There where so many things to do – but it’s getting better soon.

I arrived in Munich after finishing my roadtrip in Australia. Then i spent some great days with my friends and family. Then my daily routine started and i had to find a new flat in Berlin. So i drove there and had some inspections. Glad i found a really great one in the middle of Berlin. But now i’m not living in the same district anymore.

Then i had some stressful days full of university and the German Press Days. But it was worth it. In the next time i will tell you a lot about the new trends, new collections and collaborations.

Attached are some impressions of the press days.

xx varadise

IMG_8897 IMG_8904 IMG_8903 IMG_8902 IMG_8891 IMG_8889

Welcome Back

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I’m really sorry that I haven’t posted a lot in the last few months. For my fashion management studies I had to absolve an internship. I decided to go to the other side of the world – AUSTRALIA. To be concrete: SYDNEY.


As part of my marketing internship I worked as social media coordinator. I think you can image, that there were a lot of things to do. To be honest I hadn’t had time in the evening to work on my own blog.

BUT the internship is over now and so I’m back and I have learned a lot.


From time to time I’m going to tell you some storys about my stay and my internship. But anticipated – please don’t have doubts about going to another city, country or even continent. TRY IT!! You will get through it with ups and downs. But you wont regret it, because these are huge experiences for yourself. Nobody can ever take them from you.



xx Varadise

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